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Product Description:

Aria was inspired by the concept of the Bensi tables. The design was then developed further in a more dedicated way for the SE exhibition ''Petit'' in 2015. This was achieved by taking inspiration from the interior of the Øregaard Museum, with its long-legged antique furniture and winding staircases. This concept is what gave Aria its name, as it is the Italien word for air.

Aria is comprised of three nested tables in three sizes, with the leg of one table fitting through a hole in the tabletop of the next. Thus, the tables keep each other in place, creating an elegant and innovative solution and giving it a floating and airy expression.


Oak, salmon skin and wool/silk.


Big Aria: diameter 43 cm, height 71 cm

Medium Aria: diameter 35 cm, height 63 cm

Small Aria: diameter 27 cm, height 55 cm

Produced and manufactured by Dögg Design Studio with intern help from Sisse Stäcker Pedersen.  Wool work made by Halla Ben

Can be ordered upon request. For Inquiries please contact us by mail.