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Product Description:

The idea for the Bensi tables was to create small sofa tables and a dining table that could be transported as a flat-pack.

The sofa tables can be used as stacking tables with the smallest table being placed under the larger ones. The legs of the largest table can also be placed in the smallest table’s hole, whereas the largest table can hold a parasol.

Bensi got it's name when a friend jokingly referred to it as a Mercedes-Benz, due to the plywood leg pattern.

Prototypes were first shown at the exhibition "Kosmos" Designmuseum Iceland in Garðarbær at Designmarch from 26 March 2014 until 8 June 2014.


Plywood and linoleum.


Dining Bensi: diameter 120 cm, height 73 cm

Big Bensi: diameter 70 cm, height 40 cm

Medium Bensi: diameter 60 cm, height 35 cm

Small Bensi: diameter 50 cm, height 30 cm

Can be ordered upon request. For Inquiries please contact us by mail.