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Cygnet in the entrance

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Cygnet in the entrance


Product Description:

Cygnet In The Entrance was made for ''Storage'' the SE exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark in 2013. The idea was to create a storage opportunity with CNC cut forms that are able to be placed inside each other in order to save material.

Cygnet is the name of a young swan and the shape of the neck gave the hangers their form. The smaller hanger was placed within the larger when cut.

The garderobe and bench were made in the same fashion. The smaller rectangles for the bench were created from the larger garderobe rectangles. Once cut they were offset and screwed together.


CNC cut plywood, wool and horse hair.


199,6 x 175,5 x 46 cm

Made in cooperation with OneCollection

Furniture photos: Petra Bindel

Exhibition photos: Ole Akhøj

Can be ordered upon request. For Inquiries please contact us by mail.