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Rocky Tre

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Product Description:

Dögg was invited to participate in a project in which several designers were asked to design objects in the spirit of Alvar Aalto.  Although the project was never formally completed, Dögg continued to develop her design: a modern interpretation of a rocking chair in the spirit of Aalto´s 41 Paimio chair.

The spark behind the design was perhaps first and foremost her own need for a comfortable chair for breastfeeding, as Dögg was pregnant at the time. However, the rocking chair is a comfortable chair for all ages and thought for homes, nurseries and elderly hospitals. The name combines the English and Danish words.

Its shape is in unexceed by Dögg’s Trinitas lamp design, which displays a strong triangular form.

The protoypes are made in Iceland in cooperation with Sólóhúsgögn and Merking


Plywood and metal.


960 x 482 x 978 mm

Can be ordered upon request. For Inquiries please contact us by mail.