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The Cabinet Makers Autumn Exhibition

SE-2014 / TEXTILE:

Connection between furniture and textile

The concept was to create a bench or stool out of wood and textile.  The seat was to be skin or some construction that approximated skin and bone and held the seat together.

For the high-concept version, natural wooden branches that mimic antlers are used for legs and stretchers.  Natural branches thatreference the animal’s bones are woven with seal skin strapping to create the seat.  To transform this idea for mass production while maintaining the intergrity of the design, machined wooden legs and dowels replaced the natural branches and hide with fur strapping is used in lieu of silver fox fur .

Materials:  ash and silver fox fur strapping

Made in cooperation with OneCollection and Frank Switzer

Photos: Sigurður Páll Siguðssson

Catalog photo: Camilla Schiøler